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Workshop on Tropic Antarctic Teleconnections (TATE) 

20 June 2019 | Universiti Putra Malaysia

All participants (committee members, non-presenters, presenters, sponsors, exhibitors, workshop participants) will have to register online. 
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The importance of the link between tropical climate and variability in the high latitudes of the Southern Hemisphere (SH) particularly over the Antarctic has been recognized for decades. Specifically, climate variability in the tropical Pacific is strongly linked to the circulation variability adjacent to the Antarctic Peninsula (AP) and continental West Antarctica through the generation of a large-scale atmospheric wave train. This motivates examination of the role of tropical variability in influencing the observed trends of AP temperatures and sea ice conditions. The interaction of tropical forcing with the high latitude variability such as Southern Annular Mode (SAM) also impacts the weather and climate throughout the SH. Therefore, the Action Group for Tropic Antarctic Teleconnections (TATE) under the auspices Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) aims to examine climate processes linking the Tropics to Antarctica. 

The first TATE workshop to be held in conjunction with MISA8 aims to review our current understanding on the processes linking the tropics to Antarctica which are not well understood, yet, are key to the future trajectory of Antarctic climate. We wish to invite participation of potential scientists to this focused workshop which would include the present progress and new ideas on tropical-polar teleconnection, role of tropical variability such as El Nino - Southern Oscillations (ENSO) in influencing the Antarctic climate and sea ice conditions, interaction of tropical forcing with the high latitude variability such as Southern Annular Mode (SAM) and the processes and mechanisms that link the tropics to the Antarctic.



Prof. Dato’ Dr. Azizan Abu Samah

Dr. Sheeba Nettukandy Chenoli

Dr. Wan Lutfi Wan Johari

Dr. Mohd Shahrul Mohd Nadzir

Dr. Fadzil Mohd. Nor

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